Hippokrates Exchange and Claudio Carosino Prizes 2012

In memory of Dr Claudio Carosino an Italian Rural General Practitioner who sadly died in 2010, the Vasco da Gama Movement and EURIPA (www.euripa.org) are offering a prize of 700 Euros for the best completed Hippokrates exchange to a rural practice* in 2011 or 2012.

There will be up to two further Hippokrates Exchange Prizes for Hippokrates exchanges that have been completed within Europe at either a rural or urban practice in 2011 or 2012.

The prizes (700€ x 2) are only redeemable if they are used to attend the WONCA World 2013 Conference in Prague (www.wonca2013.com)

To be eligible you need to:

1. Be a family doctor trainee or familiy doctor within 5 years of specialisation at the time of the exchange.
2. Have completed a Hippokrates exchange and have been awarded a Certificate of Completion in 2011 or 2012.
3. Have not been awarded funding from any other source to take part in the exchange.
4. Be able to attend WONCA World Conference in Prague from 25th-29th July 2012.
5. Applications must included:
The completed Hippokrates Exchange Template (Learning Objectives, Educational Programme, Learning Outcomes and Final Report – all signed by the visitor and host).
Cover letter outlining why you should be considered for the prize (400 words maximum).
Your curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum).
A letter of support from your Hippokrates exchange host.
Deadline for applications is 30th November 2012. Applications should be sent to exchange@vdgm.eu.

Applications will be reviewed and winners selected by a panel appointed by VdGM, EURIPA & WONCA Europe. Winners will be invited to submit their report for publication in the European Journal of General Practice and may be invited to present at the 2013 WONCA World Conference.



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