Junior Research Award 2012

What purpose?

  • General practice (GP) and Family Medicine (FM) is known to be an emerging field for research activities all over the world
  • It’s comprehensive, population based scope implies special demands for multi-methodological research skills
  • VdGM aims to promote a generation of junior GP/FM doctors who include research skills with patient care as a life time career
  • VdGM therefore provides an annual junior researcher award
  • This award honors outstanding research proposals and researchers’ careers who are GP/FM trainees or junior GP/FM with up to 5 years working experience after graduation

Who can apply?

  • GP/FM trainees, junior GP/FMs (up to 5 years after graduation from vocational training)
  • A proposed research project with an impact on the field of general practice
  • One application per candidate is accepted
  • Every VdGM national representative can propose one researcher for his/her country, using the selection grid as proposed by VdGM

Practical considerations

Application only through VdGM national representatives (Europe council members)

Documents to be sent (mandatory):

  1. a copy of passport or identity card
  2. a copy of student registration or document of graduation
  3. a short letter of presentation from the candidate (max. 500 words)
  4. the national grid as filled out by the national representative or person responsible for national selection
  5. a copy of the project proposal as submitted by the candidate


Deadline for application to the national representatives is 29th February; deadline for the proposal of the national candidate is 31st March prior to the WONCA Europe conference.

Jury will define three final winners before May 1st.

Three winners will be invited to present their project proposal during a VdGM workshop in the main conference (junior champions in GP-research).

The three winners will receive a free entrance for the WONCA Europe main conference 2012 in Vienna

For more information: Vasco da Gama Movement